Andrew Pauly
MA – 6191A

Arborist, Tree Service,
and Tree Care in Vinton, Virginia

Large tree beside small house
A well-tended tree can add benefits of shade and increase property value to your home.

Providing Quality Problem-Solving Services to Vinton Area

There are several things that can cause problems with your trees, including diseases, overgrowth, insect infestation and storms, just to name a few. When these problems happen in Vinton, home and business owners call AAA Tree-Works for diagnosis and care. We have offered the highest quality tree care service for more than 30 years. Among the services that our expert arborists perform are aesthetic pruning and tree removal. Call our professionals at (540) 529-2714, or contact us online anytime for any of our quality services.

Pruning Is Necessary for Continued Health of Trees

Pruning is sometimes needed for the trees on your property. AAA Tree-Works provides tree pruning that is necessary for the continued health and vigor of the tree. Removing dead wood, correcting weak branching habits, reducing wind resistance and improving overall appearance and safety are all important aspects of maintaining your trees. Pruning can also improve the insect and disease resistance of a tree.

Tree Topping Is Unhealthy for Trees

Tree topping is the act of removing the tallest central branches of a tree, in direct opposition to the tree’s desired direction of growth. This leaves the tree with unstable branch structure and can stress the tree greatly. While most tree companies offer this as a “service,” we avoid such methods whenever possible for the sake of the tree and its long-term health. Tree topping should be avoided.

These white oak trees were topped by a different tree service and each one died within the next few years, requiring full removal.
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