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rave reviews! 

At AAA Tree-Works, we take pride in our meticulous approach to tree care. When you call our tree company for service, you’ll receive educated diagnostics on your trees and shrubs, excellent customer service, and a unique, artistic approach to pruning that promotes the health and safety of your trees and shrubs.

Our tree service company hears continuous praise and compliments from our clients, and we remain constantly appreciative. Check out what some of our previous clients have to say:

"Helped Me Save a Tree"

“Kent is a first-rate arborist. He is very creative and has both the artistic eye and the technical expertise in saving and showing plants to their best advantage. He has a keen eye and mind for analyzing the site and culture as well as a solid knowledge of insect and disease problems. With the goal of sustaining plants with a holistic approach he is capable of giving the property owners good advice in how to maintain their plants, or when it is time to remove it. Kent helped me save a tree that I, frankly, was unsure could be saved. I really appreciated his patience in explaining to me the odds of success and his no-pressure approach to letting me decide how I wanted to proceed. His honesty and solid business practices are much appreciated.”

Barbara Leach- Horticulture Technician, VA Tech Cooperative Extension – Roanoke County

Expert Care 

For Crepe Myrtles 

ANd Japanese Maples 

“Kent has been pruning and caring for my Crepe Myrtles and Japanese Maple trees since we moved into our house in 2000. The trees are healthy and look wonderful. We often have people remark on their beauty. He is meticulous in his care, and leaves behind no trimmings. He has helped to heal back to normal several of our other trees that were showing signs of distress. He knows trees, and I would highly recommend his services.”

Mike Dittrich- Wirtz, VA

Aesthetic Pruning


Beautiful HardwoodS

“One of the reasons we chose our home was the beautiful hardwoods that surround it. Kent has been working with our trees for the past 12 years by: Enhancing their aesthetics through shaping, “raising” the trunks, and precise pruning and trimming; Using his extensive understanding of tree physiology and soil chemistry to monitor their health and address emerging issues, and careful removal of trees when necessary. When he brings a crew to work on a project, they have been carefully selected and he closely supervises their work. Kent shares our appreciation of the woods and we have complete confidence in his judgment and professional skills.” 

Dale and Linda Quinn- Union Hall, VA

Advice for Developing Young Trees

“Kent is not only an excellent tree landscaper, but is also an exceptionally knowledgeable arborist. As such, we used him over the years to trim not only older trees but also younger plantings, thereby giving them a better start to their development. One would do well to heed his advice and counsel.”

Dick Beatty- Moneta, VA

Recommended, Thorough 

& Professional

“I have used Kent Walton’s services a number of times and have recommended him to friends and neighbors. Kent’s work is thorough and professional. I will be using his services again.”

Mike Ztanze- Moneta, VA

"Best Job Possible"

“Each move AAA Tree-Works made was calculated to do the best job possible and to be safe. I was impressed. Were we pleased with AAA Tree-Works? Absolutely! These were nice, honest, knowledgeable and professional men, and I highly recommend them. Was I impressed? You betcha!”

Ron and Sally Roseveare- Roanoke, VA From Sally’s Smith Mountain Lake Mystery Writer blog

Another Satisfied Customer

“I was simply amazed with the results of your work. You and your crew did an outstanding job in clearing my wooded area of dangerous trees and branches. I also appreciated the effort put forth in clearing the area. You have another satisfied customer. “

Connie Elston – Rocky Mount, VA

Prompt, Courteous & Efficient

“I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you once again for a job well done. You accomplished in one day what another company could not do in ten days. You were prompt, courteous and very efficient. We couldn’t be happier with the job you did for us. A great big Thank You from the Birds!”

SFC Emmette Bird HWY Operations SGT 1030th BN – Franklin County, VA


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