Arborist, Tree Service, & Tree Care
in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

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AAA Tree-Works Provides Top-Notch Tree-Care and Answers to Customers’ Questions

Smith Mountain Lake is a picturesque waterfront community surrounded by a unique landscape. Sometimes the trees here need special care. When you need a tree or ornamental shrub carefully pruned, call AAA Tree-Works at (540) 529-2714 and we will quickly schedule a time to meet with you for a free estimate. Most of our first-time customers have a lot of questions. It is a valuable learning experience and we take our time to answer your questions and explain to you what we think needs to be done before we schedule a day for the services.

Low impact techniques will assure that your landscaping, lawn and property will be protected while we work with your trees.

Rest Assured We Can Provide Many Services

Are there trees in Moneta, Goodview or Huddleston that appear to be hit hard by insects? Is there a tree damaged from a wind storm? We have seen many different problems that arise with trees, so our experience is certainly key in the diagnosis process. You can rest assured that AAA Tree-Works can diagnose any tree problems. Contact us to arrange for any of our experienced, high-quality tree care services.

Tree Care Services by AAA Tree-Works in Smith Mountain Lake, VA:

  • Free Estimates
  • Aesthetic Pruning
  • Consulting to Conserve Trees and Plants
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Trees and Shrubs
  • Hazard Evaluation
  • Tree Removal
  • Fertilizing and Nutrient Application
  • 24-Hour Emergency and Storm Service

Our Crews Are Experienced and Highly Trained

Owner and arborist Kent Walton and his lead climber Andrew Pauly love caring for trees. Our arborists are dedicated and passionate tree-care consultants with practical experience as well as continued education and technical training. Using the latest advancements in arborist tools and techniques, we can carefully and efficiently execute the demands of the job. Our customers love that our rates are very affordable, our response time is quick, and we pay special attention to cleaning up the site thoroughly.

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