Arborist, Tree Service,
and Tree Care in Salem, Virginia

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AAA Tree-Works Prunes and Removes Trees and So Much More

Whether you need aesthetic pruning or removal of hazardous trees on your property in Salem, Virginia, you can rest assured that AAA Tree-Works can diagnose any tree problems. We have seen many different problems that arise with trees, so our more than 30 years of experience is certainly key in the diagnosis process. We can also treat trees and shrubs, complete fertilizing and nutrient application, provide 24-hour emergency and storm service and always provide a free estimate of the project. Contact us online anytime to get your questions answered or arrange for services, or call: (540) 529-2714.

Trust That Our Passion and Knowledge Is Behind Our Service

Kent Walton and Josh Salb are dedicated and passionate tree-care consultants who receive continuous education and instruction in the latest arborist techniques and equipment. As arborists who care deeply for the tree’s best interests, we truly immerse ourselves in the science and art of maintaining tree health.

Owner Kent Walton Has a True Passion of Caring for Trees

Kent strives to make ailing, seemingly broken trees healthy and strong. He approaches the care of trees the way a physician approaches the diagnosis and treatment of an ill patient. He has been doing it this way since he started the business more than 30 years ago. Kent’s caring, thoughtful style has saved trees from dying or becoming logs, thrilling customers who expected the worst for their trees.

Removing Trees Safely if They Cannot Be Saved

Sometimes trees conflict with safety or other priorities of a homeowner and need to be removed. Our professional crew is experienced and trained to use the most modern equipment and methods for tree removal. You can trust that when the AAA Tree-Works crew responds to your home or business, Kent will be there supervising their work to make sure that everything is done efficiently and in a way that protects your buildings, landscaping, lawn and peace of mind.

We Are Always Aware of Safety Concerns

AAA Tree-Works is fully insured, licensed, and is always striving to provide our customers with quality work at an affordable price. We are always aware of safety for our customers and our employees during a project, and will not take any unnecessary risks. We want to ease the stress for our customer during a potentially stressful time. Satisfaction is important to us, and we know that is important to you as a home or business owner. Our customers have been impressed with our safe, quality workmanship.

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