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Tree Pruning 

Keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful with pruning services by AAA Tree-Works. Our arborists use the best tools in combination with our 14 years of experience to keep trees and shrubs looking great. Count on us for residential and commercial tree and shrub services.

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The Importance

Of Pruning Trees

Pruning is important for the health and safety of your trees and shrubs, your property, and your family.  Opening and thinning crowded branches reduces wind pressure and helps prevent fungal diseases.  

Tree pruning also helps to eliminate hazards around your property. Falling branches or dead roots can cause personal injury, property damage, and more. Regular pruning helps eliminate these hazards and keeps the growth and size of your tree in check, so the branches and leaves don’t interfere with power lines or other tall structures.



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We Do NOT “Top” Trees!

“Tree topping” is the unfortunate process of removing branches from the tops of trees in a misguided attempt at height reduction. Topping is harmful to your trees, starving and disfiguring them, and frequently causing their death.  AAA Tree-Works can provide alternative solutions but will never top your trees.  

Disease Diagnosis

 & Treatment

You can rest assured that AAA Tree-Works can diagnose any tree problems. Our years of industry experience are certainly key in the diagnosis process, but we also collaborate and consult with the disease and insect labs at Virginia Tech to ensure we accurately diagnose your tree and devise an effective treatment plan.

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