Time for a Change

It’s time for a change! Welcome the new owner of AAA Tree-Works, arborist Josh Salb, taking over from Kent Walton who is retiring at age 71, after founding the company 32 years ago. “Josh is the perfect person to pass the torch to,” said Walton. “He is an exceptionally talented and skilled arborist who shares my deep love and appreciation for trees.”

Josh, who has 14 years experience in tree work, has worked closely with Walton and several other local tree service companies after participating in the urban forestry program at Dabney Lancaster Community College in 2014, studying tree biology, dendrology and ecology.

Josh, age 32, says he “loves nature and loves working outdoors. And trees are beautiful, calming and soothing. They provide for us emotionally, mentally and physically. If you had a tough day,” he advises, “walk in the woods, get close to nature and find some peace and quiet.”

The Very Best



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The Art 

OF Aesthetic Pruning

Trees and shrubs are the backbone of your property’s landscaping. Make sure they look fantastic at all times by hiring AAA Tree-Works—the company that turns your trees and shrubs into masterpieces. Through proper tree care and exceptional diagnostics knowledge, our arborists will have your trees looking happy, healthy, and strong.


Serving Roanoke Valley & Beyond

AAA Tree-Works understands trees are valuable, and finding a tree company that appreciates that value can be difficult. Fortunately, we offer tree care to a large service area across Roanoke Valley and beyond.  From safe removals of hazardous and undesirable trees to conservation strategies for preservation to a simple free pruning estimate, we'll be there for you.

Area of Service

Currently, we serve the following areas:

Roanoke Valley | Franklin County | Smith Mountain Lake


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14 Years of Exceptional Tree Care

Josh Salb, the owner of our tree service company, and his team of arborists and climbers are educated in arboriculture, the art and science of caring for and maintaining trees. With over 14 years of experience, we are dedicated and passionate tree care consultants who receive continuous education and instruction in the latest arborist techniques and equipment.

Free Estimates & Fair Prices

We offer free estimates and reasonable prices on all tree care services. Whether you’ve got an emergency on your hands because of storm damage or just need a tree pruned and want an estimate, we have you covered.

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Give your trees the care they deserve by calling AAA Tree-Works. Let us take care of your pruning, disease prevention, and tree removal services today. Call our arborists for a free estimate anytime. We can’t wait to serve you!

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