Frequently Asked Questions - AAA Tree Works

Some of the Most Common Questions Our Arborists Receive

How do I know if my tree is dangerous?

Some of the more obvious indicators are cavities near the base of trees, large dead or unhealthy limbs suspended over buildings or areas where people walk, or previously upright trees which have begun to lean toward buildings and personal property. Our arborists are trained to complete a thorough hazard evaluation on your trees and recommend the best course of action to protect your family and home.

What time of year is best to prune trees?

Pruning to remove dead or unhealthy limbs should always be done as soon as is practical. Most light to moderate pruning can be done year-round, but heavier pruning should be avoided in spring and fall when trees are either beginning to develop new leaves or beginning to drop old leaves. Heavy pruning can be done in mid-summer or ideally in the dormant winter months.

Do you top trees?

Absolutely not! “Topping” is a destructive practice which leaves trees critically damaged, and in many cases unable to ever recover fully. Some species will be able to regrow their foliage after topping but the loss of all their terminal growth creates severe stress and a variety of health problems in almost every case. Please read more about the pitfalls of topping.

Is AAA Tree-Works insured for liability?

Yes. We have commercial liability insurance coverage of $2 million, and we are happy to send you proof of coverage before starting work on your project.

Do you grind stumps?

Yes, we provide this service through one of our subcontractors; a trustworthy affiliate.

What do you do with the wood and chips?

We use or recycle all wood products. We give away firewood and donate chips for use as mulch by numerous individuals and garden clubs. Customers can often save money by keeping the wood on their property and/or using their own wood chips as mulch.

Do you work with small ornamental trees and shrubs?

Yes, we prune, treat and fertilize all foundation shrubs, plus Japanese Maples, dogwoods, redbuds, crape myrtles, and hollies, all of which are beautiful ornamentals when given proper care and pruning throughout their life cycle. We can help them add beauty and value to your garden and landscaping.

Do you work with insurance claims for storm damage to personal property?

Yes, we can help to provide timely and/or emergency service when trees cause damage to your personal property or even if they just make a mess which requires cleaning up.

Does the bill match the bid price?

Yes. We set the terms and pricing clearly in writing so all parties agree on specifics before the work begins. Payment is never due until work is completed to the satisfaction of our customers!

How do you take care of sick trees?

We work closely with the Virginia Tech Extension office and their disease labs to confirm diagnoses and implement treatment recommendations.