Meet the Arborists

AAA Tree-Works is Highly Respected

AAA Tree-Works is a highly respected tree care company that serves home and business owners in the Roanoke Valley, Smith Mountain Lake and Franklin County, Virginia. We have been providing tree pruning, removal and many other services for more than 30 years. When you want the very best tree services in the region, contact us online or give our professionals a call at (540) 529-2714.

Owner Kent Walton Has a True Passion of Caring for Trees

AAA Tree-Works owner Kent Walton is an arborist who has a passion and love for trees. As founder of the business, Kent strives to make ailing, seemingly broken trees healthy and strong. He approaches the care of trees the way a physician approaches the diagnosis and treatment of an ill patient. Kent’s caring, thoughtful style has saved trees from dying or becoming logs, thrilling customers who expected the worst for their trees.

Tree wedge removal
Walton holding a chainsaw

Walton Recognized by Roanoke Times

Kent’s approach and tree-care success was highlighted in a column by Roanoke Times former Horticulture Editor Libba Wolf, who had two “ailing” maples. Here are some excerpts from that column:

“I’ve been putting off calling him because I was afraid the prognosis would be grim and the treatment would be to get rid of them. I should have remembered that Kent is a true tree lover and that he wouldn’t recommend that kind of surgery until we try everything else. He put both trees in a hospice program and we started the treatment this week.”

“After Kent explained the purpose and science of thoughtful pruning, I felt guilty about my unrestrained exuberance with the shears and choppers. Even though he was talking mainly about big trees, most of his lessons apply to the smaller trees and shrubs I’ve been whacking on.”

“As Kent continued my pruning education, he sounded like a horticultural philosopher. The sap from the interior of the tree moves out toward the terminal growth in the spring. If the center is overcrowded, all those sprouts and leaves will get first dibs on food, and the larger branches will suffer. Thoughtful pruning is your way to direct the growing energy where you want it. Kent calls it ‘playing God.’”

Lead Climber Josh Salb Partners with Kent Walton's Experience

Joining AAA Tree-Works as lead climber, Josh Salb executes the aerial aspects on the job-site. Whether structural or deadwood pruning, rigging limbs or removing a tree, Josh Salb brings careful attention to safety as well as the well-being of the customer’s trees and property. He has practiced Walton’s aesthetic style of pruning and also brings a fresh perspective to the business.

Tree climber suspended beside a tree

Arborists Are Educated and Dedicated to Tree-Care

The arborists of AAA Tree-Works are continuously educated in scientific and artistic arboriculture, the cultivation of caring for trees and shrubs. We are dedicated and passionate tree care consultants bringing the latest techniques, equipment, and certifications to meet your needs. Trust that we will do everything possible to diagnose your tree problems and help you make and execute smart long-term decisions for the trees you love.